Bring It Down

They say that there is no substitute for real, hands-on experience. The instructors at The Travel Academy couldn’t agree more. They prefer to take school outside the classroom so that students can see, hear, smell, and feel what being a flight attendant is really like. On Friday, June 13th, students from the 120-hour class perfected their flight attendant skills with hands-on training at a local aviation training center. 

The session began with Miss TJ instructing students on cabin safety procedures- everything from the location of safety equipment to crew communication. With help from Placement Director (and former flight attendant) Elisa, the students got an excellent lesson on procedures that they will be expected to know when they become flight attendants.

The last- and perhaps most fun- part of the session was when students practiced going down the emergency slide. To be sure, it is also very important that students know how to do this task safely and efficiently in the event of an actual emergency. Check out this video to see our students in action!