Tell ‘Em About It!

It’s one thing to listen to someone who is selling a product or service, and it’s quite another to listen to someone who has bought that product or service. The latter just seems to be so much more believable. At The Travel Academy, there are plenty of people who have gone through this program and have come back to tell current and prospective students that they have made (or should make) the right decision.

But these visits go beyond mere sales pitches. The students who come back talk about what is really like to be a flight attendant, and why this school prepared them so well for the job they currently have. Current students can ask very practical things like, “What is like to be in training for three weeks straight?” In other words, they are allowed to see what their near future might be like. 

Pretty much every class that attends The Travel Academy is visited by at least one former student who lets them know what the “real world” is like. Indeed, that’s why these visits are built into the curriculum.