Taking Flight

On Friday, June 6th, students from the 300-hour class marked a milestone in their lives and careers: they graduated from The Travel Academy.

With proud friends and family there to support them, the students received their diplomas and travel and tourism professional certificates. The ceremony began with words of praise and encouragement from founder and CEO Curt Armstrong. Following Curt’s speech, teachers Miss TJ, Miss Sheila, Miss Julie, and Miss Cindy all had kind words to share with their students. They all stressed the importance of professionalism in all travel careers- be it flight attendant, cruise line professional, or travel agent. 

After the instructors spoke, student speaker Todd gave an excellent speech to his classmates/friends/colleagues. He too mentioned the importance of professionalism. He also had many funny and happy memories about this school to share. 

It was, as always, a bittersweet day for students and staff alike; it’s always great to see people moving forward in their careers, but it’s also hard to say goodbye to friends. Luckily, The Travel Academy has a knack for keeping people in touch with each other.

Congratulations, graduates!
Congratulations, graduates!