The Training Begins

Today the newest group of 300-hour course students arrived for their first day at The Travel Academy. The morning opened with words of encouragement from President Curt Armstrong as well as instructors Miss Julie and Miss Cindy. After the staff speeches, the students were led on a brief building tour by Miss Cindy. Afterwards, the students introduced themselves to the rest of their classmates. They talked about where they come from, what they want to study (flight attendant, cruise line, or travel agent), other languages they speak, their height, and their age. Needless to say, it had the possibility be a little nerve-racking, but the students kept their composure and delivered excellent self-introductions. After that, it was on to a very welcoming pizza party. There was definitely a sense of fun and relationship building. All the students seemed very eager to get to know one another, as well as move on with their training. All in all- a very successful day.

1st Day 3-31 300 (2)