International Flight Attendant

New Flight attendant
Nikki C, graduated from The Travel Academy this summer and accepted a flight attendant position with Cathay Pacific Airways and will be flying internationally around the world. She will begin training in Hong Kong at the end of November! At The Travel Academy Nikki studied flight attendant schooling to prepare for an exciting career as a flight attendant. Nikki will be flying around the world visiting places many of us only dream of. Congratulations Nikki! “Hi my name is Nikki C. I’m a recent graduate from The Travel  Academy. My experience at The Travel Academy was great . The instructors helped us create resumes, cover letters, and practiced interview question with us. Also we has a lot of hands on training in the actual aircraft. I think people who want to get in the travel industry should attend The Travel Academy, because they teach you everything you need to know about the travel industry. I’ve been hired by Cathay pacific Airways as a flight attendant, and my training will start on 24th of November. And it’s in Hong Kong.” Thank you Travel Academy! Nikki C,