Ella Lands Corporate Travel Agent Position

Congratulations to Ella T, Missouri! She accepted a corporate travel agent position with Maritz Travel. “Dear Curt and Staff of The Travel Academy, I am excited to report that I was hired by Maritz Travel as a Corporate Travel Agent.  I can’t thank The Travel Academy enough for their training that helped me land this career opportunity. I just want to pass on to my fellow classmates and future students a couple things; keep the binder that was issued and pay very close attention in the career development class—-When the day of my Maritz interview approached, I dug my binder out of my trunk and went over ALL of the interview questions, and it’s a good thing I did, because the panel took turns asking me the behavioral questions.  I nailed it only because I was prepared.  I would have never survived the interview had it not been for Peggy and Cindy giving me the agonizing assignments like Sparkle and Shine, and those interview questions.   I was ready for a very difficult panel interview, because of The Travel Academy. Secondly, remember, The Travel Academy is preparing you for a career in the travel industry, it’s up to us to use the tools, to get where we want to go, and you will get there, I promise!! Gratefully yours, Ella T  (Fall 2012 graduate)