Free Flight Benefits

Those that love to travel will love free flight benefits. Airlines typically provide not only employees free flight benefits, but a portion of their family and sometimes friends as well! Free flight benefits is one of the greatest employee benefits around. The flight benefits are standby only (not a confirmed ticket), but if you plan correctly, flying standby is fun and easy!

How do I get these benefits?

You do not have to be a flight attendant to get free flight benefits. There are many positions available within the airlines and all of the benefits are the same: free flight benefits. Positions such as: reservation agent, customer service agent, manager, supervisor, ramp agent, etc.

I have been on many standby flights from my stint at the airlines and now with a family member at an airline. I have flown to: London, New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston. Most of these vacations were planned within 24 hours before take off. I have never had a problem getting on a flight at the last minute on standby, but you have to be smart. Sometimes you are thinking you are going to New York, but then you look at the flights and realize you have a better chance of going to Orlando, so then you go!

It’s a rush to stand in an airport planning to go one place, and ending up some place completely different! For some, it could be scary, but for others destined in the travel industry, it’s a rush and a great time! There is nothing better than getting on a plane, going half way across country for only six hours, and then coming back and returning to normal life. Who can say that they do that? And often? Not many people. Only those in the travel industry!

Free flight benefits provide an opportunity for many great memories! Whether the trip is last minute or planned out, it’s different than being confirmed for a ticket. There is a sense of adventure, worry, and excitement. There is always a chance of not getting on the flight of your choice. Remain open and excited because something better is waiting!


I wanted to wish a graduate good luck as she moved to Dubai to work as an international flight attendant for Emirates Airlines. We were at the airport at the same time, and I got to see her off to her new journey!


-Allison Nawracaj