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The Travel Academy is a fast track, 10-week training program where students are crossed trained in 5 areas of the travel industry (flight attendant, cruise professional, travel agents, corporate reservations, other travel/customer service). Our industry experienced instructors provide students with the skills needed to develop their professional careers. TTA also offers on-site recruitment visits as well as hands on training, including a multi-million dollar flight attendant simulation trainer (FAST).

In addition, tuition includes all course work and materials, post graduate career services, and memories to last a lifetime!

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Our proven approach includes helping students prepare and land the job by a hands on training approach and advanced stills training. We also help students submit applications and conduct mock interviews. Once job offers are issued, students are taught skills in advancing their career. Before you know it, graduation day is here and you are ready start your dream job!


Ask about payment deadlines for Tuition and Housing.  Late fees may apply.

ProgramTuition Amount (USD)
Flight Attendant & Customer Relations (10 weeks)$6,900
Travel Agency & Reservations Systems (4 weeks)$3,400

How to Pay For School

1. Credit Card | Debit Card  | Check – TTA accepts all major credit cards. Some debit cards have daily limits. Please call and talk to us before using a debit card.  Ask about how you can obtain a student portal.

2. Family – It is common for family members to help pay for your school. We accept credit cards and checks from family members.

3. VA/GI Bill ® Education Benefits –  The Travel Academy is proud to be approved by the Minnesota State Approving Agency for Veterans’ education benefits.

4. Personal Loan – Students can apply for loans through their own bank or a family member’s bank.

5. State Workforce – Some state and local workforce agencies provide funds for continued education. Ask your Admissions Recruiter for more information.

6. Employer Tuition Assistance – Some companies offer tuition assistance. Ask your employer if they have that option.

7. Tuition Financing – Tuition financing is available. Apply now and speak to an Admissions Recruiter to learn more.

8. “SELF” Loan (for Travel & Customer Relations and Travel Leadership & Customer Relations Programs only) – Ask your Admissions Recruiter for assistance with a student loan which can cover up to $3,500 of your tuition. You can also refer to the Cost of Attendance Worksheet* to help plan your finances. (Not available for non-US citizens.)

*Cost of Attendance worksheet will be provided to each student prior to the start of class.  More tuition information can be found in our student catalog.


Student housing, also known as Crew Quarters, is provided by Student Housing Services LLC (SHS).  Students can enjoy modern two bedroom and two bathroom furnished apartments that come with all of the essentials needed to make your stay easy and comfortable. Students are not required to obtain housing through SHS to attend TTA. It is strongly suggested that students first seek their own housing prior to contacting SHS.

For more information about Crew Quarters, click here!


After personally checking in at the school and attending orientation, The Travel Academy will provide transportation to and from class each day, with a weekly trip to the grocery store.

Transportation and airfare to the school prior to orientation is the responsibility of the student, as well as transportation home after graduation.  Some students prefer to drive so they have the freedom to explore what Minnesota  has to offer such as the Mall of America, museums, concerts and community events during their stay.

Off street parking lots are provided for free at both the Crew Quarters and the school.