Study Guide & Needed Documents

Different programs have different document requirements – Talk to an admissions advisor for more details.


Please bring the following ORIGINAL documents to class, or have them mailed once you arrive.

  1. Certified birth certificate (only if applying for a passport while at school)
  2. Original Social Security card
  3. Driver’s license or state ID
  4. Passport
  5. Green card (if applicable)
  6. 10 years of address history
  7. 10 years of employment history
  8. 10 years of education history
  9. List of at least three professional references from employers, teachers, and colleagues (no relatives). Two of these people should know you for at least on year. At least one reference should know you for at least ten years.

Reference Format:

  • Name-
  • Title-
  • Company – Address – Phone
  • Email Address
Other Helpful Documents
  1. Lifetime criminal history. Airlines will conduct a thorough FBI background check once employed. If you have any questions of any incidents that occurred in the past 10 years regarding moving violations or a criminal history, it may be necessary for you as an individual to conduct your own FBI background check to provide accurate information when completing applications for airline positions. IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD ANY OCCURRENCES, IT WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO CONDUCT A BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOURSELF.