How to Dress For Interviews

Review the pictures to visualize how you should be dressed in an interview. As the saying goes, “Dress for the position you want- not the position you have.”

It is very important you chose clothes that look similar to these pictures. When interviewing, there are numerous basic requirements that need to be followed. Employers are looking for professional, clean and well-groomed employees with a smile on their face portraying confidence. Dress conservatively with clothes that fit and shoes that match.

These pictures are taken with professional models. If you are applying with the airlines for a flight attendant position they only ask that your height and weight be proportionate.


  • Wear a suit.
  • Iron your outfit.
  • A blouse with jacket and skirt or slacks is best.
  • If you wear a skirt it should not be too tight or too short.
  • The colors of choice are blue, black, gray, or brown.
  • Blouses should be cotton or silk in a neutral color with long sleeves and should fit comfortably (not too tight) or too distracting due to loud colors.
  • A classic 34-inch square scarf that compliments the suit in color or pattern is good. Less color and less pattern is better – keep it simple.
  • If you wear a light colored suit, wear light colored stockings.
  • Do not wear contrasting colors.
  • Avoid opaque and printed stockings.

Female Student Dress for On-site Flight Attendant Interviews


  • Your hair should be short, pulled back or up.


  • You should have clean and polished nails- not too long.
  • The polish should be clear or neutral in color.
  • Do not have long nails with a wild color or design.


  • Pumps with 1 ½ inch heel are standard.
  • Choose a color that compliments your suit and handbag – black, brown, burgundy or navy.
  • Avoid open toe shoes, high boots, stiletto heels and white shoes.
  • Be sure to have your shoes polished and shinned (rubbing-buffing with a clean cotton towel or soft bristled brush will put a quick shine on them) and your heels are in tact.
  • Wear leather shoes, avoid suede and light fabrics.

Jewelry and Perfume

  • Do not wear large hoop or dangling earrings.
  • Wear small studs or avoid wearing earrings.
  • Do not wear more than one pair of earrings and two finger rings, one watch or bracelet.
  • Remove all non-traditional jewelry e.g. nose rings, eyebrow rings and be sure to cover all tattoos.

More Women’s Flight Attendant Interview Outfits


  • Wear a suit or sport coat and tie or at least a shirt and tie.
  • Wear dark colors: blue, brown, gray or black.


  • Should be simple; no bright colors, French cuffs or monograms.
  • White, off white, pale blue in cotton are preferred.


  • Traditional silk- no loud colors or patterns
  • Your tie should coordinate with your attire and pulled snug to your neck.
  • Avoid ties with images or designer logos.


  • Choose a color that coordinates with your suit usually black, dark gray, dark brown, or dark blue.
  • Make sure they are long enough as to not expose your skin when you sit down.


  • Make sure they are polished and shined (rubbing-buffing with a clean cotton towel or soft bristled brush will put a quick shine on them).
  • Avoid wearing boots- stick to dress shoes that coordinates with your attire.

Jewelry and Cologne

  • Less is better.
  • Do not wear more than one ring and multiple chains.
  • Make sure to remove earrings and cover tattoos.


  • Preferred short with no facial hair (keep sideburns trimmed)

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