10 Year Background Check

Airlines, most cruise lines, and other safety sensitive positions in the travel industry require you submit to an in-depth 10 year background check. This includes verification of all of the information below as well as fingerprinting.


Applicants will need to provide the following information on ALL applications:

Driving Violations (Moving Violations)

If you were fined, ticketed, convicted or plead guilty you must list them.

  • Legal wording of offense – Speeding, failure to yield, etc.
  • Date – month/year it took place
  • City/state/country where it took place
  • Disposition (outcome) – Fine, probation, traffic school, suspended license, etc.

Some examples are: speeding, turning on red, running a red light, failing to yield, driving with a suspended license, careless driving, reckless driving, DUI/DWI, impaired driving, seat belt, etc. (Parking tickets and expired tabs do not apply.)

If you do not have this information, your driving record can be obtained from your local DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles. Make sure you request a 10 year history. Some states don’t have records going back that far. You can also contact your car insurance company. The DMV process can take up to several weeks, depending upon the state, so submit the request as far in advance as possible. Bring to class information on any violations you are aware of.

Criminal History

If you were arrested, charged, convicted, fined, placed on probation, found guilty or plead no contest (felony, misdemeanor or otherwise) you must list it.

  • Legal wording of offense
  • Date – month/year it took place
  • City/state/country where it took place
  • Disposition (outcome) – Dismissed, fine, probation, community service, charge lowered, etc.

Some examples are: underage drinking, theft, assault, burglary, drug possession, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, trespassing, etc. Include charges or convictions that have been sealed, erased, or expunged including juvenile records.


NOTE: An arrest, charge or conviction will not necessarily prevent you from obtaining a position of employment.


If you do not have the required information to complete the criminal history, take the following steps:

  1. Contact the country court that would have the records.
  2. Contact the attorney who represented you, if applicable.
  3. Obtain a copy of your FBI background report, if neither of those above is successful. (DO NOT order a copy from the FBI website, the  current processing time is 14-16 weeks). Find a channeler in your area that is approved by the FBI. They can assist you in getting your report much quicker. There are costs involved, and you will be required to get fingerprints.


If you have NO criminal history, or you have the required information, you DO NOT NEED to order an FBI report.


Residential Addresses

You must provide 10 years of permanent residence history. Permanent means a place you physically lived and received mail at. You do not need to include college dorms as they are considered a temporary residence.

  • Street address, city, state, zip code
  • Dates – Month/year

Employment History

  • Name/address/phone number of current and past employer’s
  • Dates of employment
  • Names of supervisors
  • Job duties
  • Starting and ending salaries
  • Names/phone contacts for people who can verify your whereabouts if you were self-employed, not working or on a summer break.

Education History

  • Name/address/phone number of school
  • Dates of attendance
  • Name while attending

Special Notes about DUI and minor consumption

There are general hiring rules due to Canadian law for people who have a minor consumption (underage drinking of alcohol) or DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) offense on their record. To be a flight attendant for any airline, people must have the ability to travel freely in and out of Canada regardless of the airline’s route, as it may be necessary to divert to Canada as a result of an emergency.

Generally speaking, getting hired with a minor consumption on one’s record is much less difficult than having a DUI. However, both scenarios are subjective and evaluated individually.

  • For a minor consumption, the outcome may vary depending on the time the offense.
  • For a DUI, people may apply for a Deemed Rehabilitation (Canadian Waiver) five (5) years after they have completed their sentence and/or probation. All airlines will administer a 10-year FBI background check. These cases are evaluated individually.

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