How to Become a Flight Attendant- Know Your ABCs!

The Travel Academy’s Flight Attendant instructor Miss Lynn knows that if you want to learn how to become a flight attendant, you have to know your ABCs! Enjoy!


Attitude- The most important thing to possess at any job

Beauty- Possessing inner beauty will allow you to shine on the outside as well

Caring- A must have quality when serving others

Dedicated- In being the best you can be at all times

Energy- To endure long days with multiple flights and hundreds of passengers

Fun- Everyone needs to have a fun side, even flight attendants

Graceful- A flight attendant’s beauty of movement, style, and form

Honesty- Is always the “only policy”

Independent- Ability to work alone and make educated decisions

Juggler- Able to multi-task all while wearing a smile

Kindhearted- The ability to show a kind disposition to all passengers

Listener- At time’s passengers just need someone’s ear for a moment that’s all

Manners- Never forget what your mother taught you.

Neat- From your head to your toes, a neat appearance is a necessity

Optimistic- The ability to remain hopeful and confident about the future.

Punctual- On time departures mean everything, the airline is counting on you

Quick-witted- Ability to think or respond quickly and effectively

Responsible- For the safety of all passengers and crew members

Smile- Smile, smile, and more smiles is all I can say!

Tactful- Using sensitivity when dealing with others

Unselfish- The ability to put others first

Valiant- Possessing courage or determination

Welcoming- To be cordial, or inviting to the passengers

Xenodochial- An open friendliness to strangers

You- Just be the great person you are each and every day

Zealous- To work with active enthusiasm