What Does it Take to Become Hired as a Flight Attendant

Securing a position as a flight attendant does not require years of schooling or extensive training like other service industry jobs. Professional interpersonal skills, a caring attitude, and the ability to make decisions while keeping the safety of the passengers and crew as your number one priority is the main focus of all flight attendants. Check out Miss Lynn’s tips on how to become a flight attendant!


When hiring flight attendants, airlines require a high school diploma. In addition, you must have the ability to demonstrate your excellent use of the English language. Clear and precise communication is a must in your interaction with passengers and crew members. If you speak multiple languages, you may notice more opportunities available.

The aviation field is a heavily regulated industry, so be prepared for a thorough background check along with drug testing. An airline that is based in the United States requires proof of US citizenship. Many airlines also require you to have a current passport at the time of your scheduled interview.

There are a number of physical requirements to consider as well. Most airlines prefer to hire individuals who are no shorter than 5’1” but no taller than 6’3”. General physical fitness is very important also due to the physical demands of a flight attendant.

Previous customer service skills are extremely important. These skills should demonstrate your ability to deal with people in a professional capacity. If you have had very little or no customer service experience, you will need to impress the company during your interview. Throughout the interview process, the company must realize what an excellent candidate you are for their airline. Be courteous and genuine, but most of all be yourself and let yourself shine.

The interviewing process can be a difficult period.  Public speaking skills will be need to be demonstrated, many times in a sizable group. Have a good foundation of the history of the airline you are interviewing with. Lastly, ask the recruiter some prepared questions of your own.