How to Become a Flight Attendant- Interview Well (Part II)

Here is the second installment of Miss Lynn’s blog about interviewing well. After reading (and following) these points, you will know even more about how to become a flight attendant. Enjoy!



Flight attendants tend to be sensitive to the ways of others; a trait that is needed and sought after. The recruiter that is interviewing you can tell if you are being phony. They have seen and heard it all.


If you are not familiar with the STAR method of interviewing now is the time to find out.  This type of interviewing requires you to answer a series of questions based on experiences you have had. When answering these type of questions, be specific when you answer. Refrain from answering questions in general terms and be genuine in your responses.


If this is the career that you really want, don’t give up. You must keep calm and carry on. Many flight attendants do not get hired the first time that they are interviewed. Not giving up, but using each interview as a learning experience will help you to better prepare. Learn something new each step of the way and don’t take rejection personally.

Check each airlines’ career page on a consistent basis for openings or register for automatic alerts to be sent to you regularly. Once you have applied, completed your online application, and received an interview, be sure to go over the tips outlined above for added comfort of knowing what to expect as you pursue your dream job. Good luck!