How to Become a Flight Attendant- Interview Like a Champ (Part I)

If you want to know how to become a flight attendant, knowing how to interview well is a must. An open house event is an exciting opportunity which can also be very stressful for candidates. Listed below are qualities most commonly noticed by recruiters. You are interviewing for a position that will be representing an airline, therefore, a high value is placed on a professional image along with proper etiquette.



Learn as much as you can about the airline that you are about to interview with. Research the airlines route map, the type of aircraft in the fleet, current news about the company, location of their domiciles, and other important facts. It pays to do your homework.


Come prepared wearing business attire such as a suit with a collared shirt. Shoes that have closed toes and have an average heel height of 2-3 inches along with hose will compliment your outfit nicely. Complete your look with some light makeup and a flattering chignon for a controlled polished look. Keep your jewelry on the conservative side such as a pearl necklace and matching earrings.

Male candidates should wear a clean pressed suit and shirt with a conservative tie. Finish off your professional look with a belt and polished, appropriate colored shoes. A nice clean shave is a must.


Make it a priority to mingle with others and introduce yourself in a warm friendly manner. Candidates are usually observed before they enter the facility until the assessment is completed. Show that you are approachable, enthusiastic, confident, and make sure you use eye contact. Make use of your beautiful smile and most of all be genuine. Most recruiters are flight attendants and they know what they are looking for. Always remember, first impressions are lasting ones. Make it count.

A portrait of Miss Lynn- Flight Attendant Instructor at The Travel Academy