How to Become a Flight Attendant- Know about Explosive Decompression

If you want to know how to become a flight attendant, you have to know about the many different emergency situations that may arise while in flight. One of these situations is explosive decompression. In general, decompression is defined as the inability of the aircraft’s pressurization system to maintain the designated cabin pressure. This is caused by a malfunction of the pressurization system or structural damage to the aircraft.

The following is a list of characteristics of an explosive decompression:

  1. Occurs in less than five seconds
  2. Large explosion / Loud noise
  3. Structural damage to the aircraft
  4. Debris tossed in cabin
  5. Fog occurs
  6. Wind blasts/extremely cold temperatures
  7. Ears will pop & air forced from the body
  8. Oxygen masks will drop
  9. Crew & passengers will show signs of hypoxia if they don’t receive oxygen right away
  10. Rapid descent

The following is a list of actions for flight attendants to take in a rapid or explosive decompression:

  1. Don the nearest oxygen mask in cabin or lavatory.
  2. Sit down & secure yourself (if there is no vacant seat, stabilize yourself where you are).
  3. Shout commands when you are able.
  4. Remain seated until the flight deck announces it is safe to move about the cabin.
  5. Inform passengers of actions taken to prepare the cabin for landing.
  6. Instruct passengers to remain seated with seat belts fastened.