New Year- New Ways to Become a Flight Attendant

Today marked the beginning of a new Travel and Customer Relations Program course here at The Travel Academy. First days of class are always filled with plenty of energy and anticipation, and today was no exception.

Travel Academy president and owner Curt Armstrong began the day by address the class of nearly sixty students. He congratulated all of them on taking a chance and entering a new chapter in their lives. He also went into detail about the tremendous number of career opportunities that are in the travel industry. Finally he turned the speech over to his staff and faculty- the people who really know how to become a flight attendant.

After the speeches, students were given a tour of the building, followed by their “First-Day-of-Class” photo. They were also treated a tasty lunch of pizza and soda- which gave them time to talk and get to know one another. After lunch, lessons began. Stay tuned to see how this class of travel professionals moves through these next ten weeks!