How to Become a Flight Attendant- Be a Leader!

One of the most important things we teach at The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school is leadership- the skill to see an opportunity to improve a situation and then actually do it.

Miss Lynn gave an important lesson recently about the duties and responsibilities of lead flight attendants. Any student who wanted to know how to become a flight attendant was completely engaged in the day’s content. Here’s a sneak peak at the just some of the great information passed along.

Before Briefing

  • Sign in – make sure all FA’s have signed-in (depending on your base)
  • Obtain all paperwork for length of pairing
  • Check mailbox
  • If missing a crew member, contact scheduling ASAP! If a crew member is 5 minutes late, scheduling will have them replaced!
  • International: Obtain “International Paperwork” – make sure there is enough forms for entire trip (inbound/outbound customs forms, immigration cards, vessel report, crew dec.’s, and I-94s)


  • Should last about 10 minutes
  • FA’s bid for work positions
  • Brief with Captain (weather, flight time, emergency chime signal, and any other special instructions)
  • Review safety and emergency procedures
  • Review security procedures
  • Evaluate client profile and passenger count with FA’s
  • Assess service procedures

Pre-departure – prior to boarding 

  • Confirm all FA’s complete emergency equipment check (Report and document any discrepancies immediately to Captain or Mechanic)
  • Ensure meal count is sufficient for passenger load and have accounted for all galley items
  • Make sure all equipment has been returned from catering (coffeepots, ice-buckets, oven racks, etc.)
  • Count liquor
  • Check with CSA for any special items or information needed (i.e. wheelchairs, special needs passengers, UMs, special meals, baggage in the forward belly, etc.)

Departure – before door close

  • Greet passengers at boarding door
  • Ensure boarding announcements are made
  • Obtain manifest from CSA – give one copy to cockpit
  • Ensure passenger count matches the manifest
  • If International: Obtain General Dec.’s from CSA – ensure it is completed correctly, stamped, and there is at least 6 copies
  • Make appropriate PA before closing the forward door
  • Initiate “Prepare for departure, crosscheck, and all call”
  • Before push-back, tell flight deck “Cabin secure,” then close the door making sure it locks