Great Travel Industry Customer Service

Following up on Miss Julie’s five great study tips for incoming and prospective Travel Academy students, Miss Cindy was kind enough to add to our conversation and share her top five tips for providing great customer service. These tips are indeed helpful in any field you decide to go into, but if you want to know how to become a flight attendant, pay extra close attention!

They are:

1. Be positive at all times. It may be difficult, but your job is to maintain a positive attitude- regardless of external circumstances.

2. Choose your attitude. Don’t let someone choose it for you. This point reiterates the first tip. Your attitude is all up to you!

3. Make fun out of work. There’s no reason that these two things (work and fun) can’t happen at the same time!

4. Find a way to make your customer feel important. This can be done in so many ways- the majority of which are so simple- something like a smile or a friendly compliment.

5. Appreciate your customers. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have a job. So treat them with the respect they deserve.