Becoming a Flight Attendant

It’s always great to hear about success. Luckily at The Travel Academy, success abounds. Our latest story comes by way of Ms. Valentine W. of Texas. Valentine was a student of our 300-hour course which ran from January until March of this year (2014). Immediately Valentine distinguished herself with her kind personality and excellent work ethic. She took her training very seriously and studied extensively. Not only did she attend ALL of her classes, she was also a student intern whose duties included many office jobs. She performed all of these chores (some not so pleasant) always with a smile on her face and a desire to do them right.  So it becomes all the more rewarding that Valentine landed an excellent flight attendant position with American Airlines, one of the biggest airlines in the world. It just goes to show what a good attitude and a strong work ethic can get you in life. Way to go, Valentine. We’re very happy for you!