Friday’s the Day!

Friday will mark an important day for The Travel Academy. Students from both the 120-hour and 300-hour courses will graduate on the same day- an event that happens but once a year because of scheduling. In order to honor the rarity of the event and the exceptionally large crowd, The Travel Academy is rolling out some considerable red carpet. The ceremony will open with encouraging words from president Curt Armstrong, followed by speeches from each of the instructors. After that, two students (one peer-elected person from each class) will also share their thoughts and experiences to their classmates. Then Miss Cindy will offer some words or wisdom.  Then the students will be awarded their Travel and Tourism Professional certificates and other honors to certain students (perfect attendance, etc.). After the certificates and awards are handed out, the ceremony will conclude with cake, refreshments, and photos (this is generally people’s favorite part. 🙂