Travel Industry Forever Growing

Exciting news for our industry partner American Cruise Lines! Michelle Baran at Travel Weekly just announced that American Cruise Lines has introduced Christmas and New Year’s Eve cruises on the Mississippi.

The company’s newly built 150-passenger paddle wheeler Queen of the Mississippi entered service in August.

And this coming holiday season, the Queen of the Mississippi will sail newly developed itineraries such as Cajun Christmas, a cruise on the Lower Mississippi that departs on Dec. 21, and that explores Christmas traditions in and around New Orleans.

Old Fashioned New Year’s Eve will be a Lower Mississippi River cruise that departs on Dec. 28 and that will include New Year’s festivities onboard the vessel.

American Cruise Lines said that additional holiday-themed cruises are in the works for the 2013 season, including for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

American Cruise Lines is building a second 165-passenger paddle wheeler that will enter service in early 2014. Like the Queen of the Mississippi, the new vessel will have cabins that are at least 300 square feet in size with private balconies. It will also have several lounge areas and cafes.

The Travel Academy (TTA) is excited to have partnered up with both Ocean and River Cruise companies. It gives our students more choices and opportunities and with cruising still booming and the new river cruise niche growing at exceptional speed; TTA wants to be there. TTA offers hands on training in their specialty classroom that offers an opportunity to students that no other training program can offer and this training gives students first chance for so many opportunities.

“Developing and growing relationships in this industry is what TTA is all about. Without strong professional relationships you limit opportunity and growth potential for graduates. TTA student success means success for everyone. We all benefit from strong training and placement, especially our hiring partners and that’s what TTA wants, “Win-Win” relationships for everyone.” Says Curt Armstrong TTA President.

TTA seems to know what they are doing. After 30 years in the industry the TTA training school is growing and going strong!

Recently, American Cruise Lines visited The Travel Academy to provide additional hands on cruise line training for students. Students are set to interview for several cruise line positions this week!