Travel Weekly announced the nearing completion of Royal Princess. The $760 million dollar ship is in line with the trend toward mega ships. It is 25% larger than the last Princess ship with innovative architecture and sublime features. Cruising is continuing to flourish and mega ships are not downsizing anytime soon.  To name just a few of the new features the ship will have: A sports well has been created above the beautiful Horizon Bistro, with a basketball court, batting cages and an indoor laser shooting range. In addition there will be a giant 1,200 square foot pastry kitchen and a 30% larger giant movie screen than their last ship, a 100 jet fountain show, and lastly the impressive SeaWalk, a promenade that extends 28 feet over the side of the ship and offers a “Fear Factor”-style view through a see-through glass floor to the ocean 16 decks below.  The Travel Academy is following suit by expanding their new Cruise line classroom.  “We are very aware of travel industry trends and its ongoing and changing needs” said Curt Armstrong, President. “Princess will be hiring additional ship staff as they are focusing even more on service than ever before. Removing beverage stations and expanded venues makes for even more graduate jobs. Because of our long standing in the industry we already receive more job postings than we have graduates and this trend like Mega ships doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

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