Cruise Line Training Success Update

queen of Mississippi
“I am loving American Cruise Lines (ACL) so much and have never enjoyed a job like I enjoy my position with ACL. The management is great: they truly care about us and want to see us succeed. You have no idea how glad I am that I came to The Travel Academy and how appreciative I am of your guidance and patience in helping me get this position at ACL. My first two rotations are on the Queen of the Mississippi which I think is pretty cool, seeing that it is the newest and largest ship. I  couldn’t believe they put a newbie on a new ship! I miss you all so much and maybe I will get to see you in St. Paul this summer! Hugs*

PS. Please do share my number with ANYONE interested in coming to TTA! I would love to tell them about the school and how wonderful ALL of you are!!!”

Marcie L, Montana

Marcie graduated from cruise ship training at The Travel Academy in 2012 and was hired as a Cruise Director with American Cruise Lines. Marcie will be sailing all around the United States while joining passengers on exciting ship board excursions!