American Cruise Lines Hosts Travel Academy

A special thank you to American Cruise Lines (ACL) for hosting staff of The Travel Academy in Guilford, Connecticut to take part in their steward training. ACL has made several visits to The Travel Academy this year to recruit and hire students for ship board positions.

The Travel Academy values the relationship with ACL very highly and look forward to working with them in the future. Many Travel Academy graduates have accepted ship board positions and have traveled all over the United States.

While in Guilford, the staff at The Travel Academy gained valuable information to implement into the current cruise line training curriculum. Implementing this new portion of cruise line training will prepare students well for the cruising industry, especially at ACL.

At ACL, there are many career options available to Travel Academy graduates. From shipboard positions as a steward, hotel manager, or cruise director, to cruise specialists in reservations, there are many options available to you. Some positions such as Hotel Manager require a Bachelor’s degree in a hospitality or related field. The Travel Academy is working closely with our graduates who have additional education to secure interviews for these career opportunities.

The cruising industry is growing strongly and looking for highly professional and qualified candidates to fill the many positions available. The Travel Academy prepares students for these positions and are excited to present American Cruise Lines with strong candidates.