Become a Travel Agent in Weeks - Train in the Twin Cities!

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Our program includes:

✔️ A fast track 3-week hands-on training course from industry experts to jump start your travel agency career – GET PAID TO TRAVEL

✔️ Professional Development – We help you format your resume and prepare you for interviews so you can land a TRAVEL AGENT CAREER or START YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENCY


✔️ Graduate Career Services – we help you MOVE FORWARD after graduation

✔️ Licensed by MNOHE and has an A+ BBB rating

Benefits of being a travel agent:

✔️ Receiving FAM (familiarization) trips – travel agencies give their agents FREE or extremely DISCOUNTED TRIPS, so that they fully understand the packages that they are offering to their clients

✔️ Having a FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE and the ability to work from home

✔️ Possessing UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL – receive commission from every trip you book

Benefits of starting your own travel agency:

✔️ BEING YOUR OWN BOSS – have your own vision and call all of the shots

✔️ Having FLEXIBILITY – this could be done full-time or part-time on the side during your free time, it’s all up to you

✔️ Possessing UNLIMITED earning potential – earn all of the profit after your expenses are accounted for