Excellent Customer Service on the North Shore

Imagine working amidst private woods, lapping waves, and breathtaking views of massive Lake Superior. During my weekend reprieve to Larsmont Cottages, I was awe struck by the surrounding beauty of the property, and the high minded level of customer service from the front desk, waitstaff, chef, housekeeping, and guest services. This experience at Larsmont reminded … Read more

Destination of the Week: London!

Cheers mates! Summer is the perfect time to visit one of the greatest destinations in the UK. From bars and pubs in Piccadilly Circus, to famous parks such as Hyde Park, history like Parliament and Westminster Abbey, art museums and theater, shopping, and the Royal family at Buckingham and Kensington Palace, there sure is something … Read more

Travel School Trivia – What is Space Tourism?

How much are you willing to give to travel to outer space?  Today’s travel trivia is centered around the new industry of space tourism.  It is described as an emerging and very expensive travel specialty that sends passengers on suborbital flights that offer a brief experience of weightlessness and thrilling views of the earth below. … Read more

Cruise Line Training & Terminology | Travel Trivia

What does it mean when you’re offered a utility position aboard a cruise ship? There are so many positions to fill aboard a cruise ship. Your education and work experience determine the types of positions you’re qualified for.  If you’re offered a utility position, you are given different possibilities: Crew cook utility is responsible for cleaning and … Read more