Tell ‘Em About It!

It’s one thing to listen to someone who is selling a product or service, and it’s quite another to listen to someone who has bought that product or service. The latter just seems to be so much more believable. At The Travel Academy, there are plenty of people who have gone through this program and … Read more

Bring It Down

They say that there is no substitute for real, hands-on experience. The instructors at The Travel Academy couldn’t agree more. They prefer to take school outside the classroom so that students can see, hear, smell, and feel what being a flight attendant is really like. On Friday, June 13th, students from the 120-hour class perfected … Read more

Taking Flight

On Friday, June 6th, students from the 300-hour class marked a milestone in their lives and careers: they graduated from The Travel Academy. With proud friends and family there to support them, the students received their diplomas and travel and tourism professional certificates. The ceremony began with words of praise and encouragement from founder and … Read more

Top Five Reasons to be a Flight Attendant

Interested in how to become a flight attendant? Read further to discover the top five reasons to take your career to the sky. Travel- Get paid to visit amazing places all over the world. Passengers– Meet new people every day- each with their own story and destination. Flexibility– Once established, flight attendants can often choose … Read more

Free Flight Benefits

Those that love to travel will love free flight benefits. Airlines typically provide not only employees free flight benefits, but a portion of their family and sometimes friends as well! Free flight benefits is one of the greatest employee benefits around. The flight benefits are standby only (not a confirmed ticket), but if you plan … Read more