Interview with a Flight Attendant

It’s tough to interview. That’s no real surprise.  So it’s fortunate for students at The Travel Academy that they have ample practice with this often nerve-racking and awkward human interaction. In the confines of a safe, forgiving, and low-stakes setting, students can hone their skills. They can refine answers, work on presentation and poise, and … Read more

Cruise jobs? Yes, please.

On Tuesday of next week, some 20 students from The Travel Academy will be visiting our friends from a major international cruise line for an informational presentation and recruitment session at the Radisson Hotel- Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Networking and career opportunities such as these abound at The Travel Academy, and we are … Read more

More Travel Tips

Last week we looked at a few of Miss Cindy’s helpful tips for travelers. Here are a few more: (Interesting side note: Miss Cindy is at this moment training at American Cruise Lines in Portland for curriculum development. She also takes continuing education in flight attendant and travel agent training.) It’s always a good idea … Read more

Follow Me and Follow Up

As career development is an important part of The Travel Academy’s curriculum, it’s only fitting that a blog post should focus on the importance of the all-important “follow up.” So great! You’ve submitted your application and resume. You’ve been selected to have a face-to-face interview. You’ve gone to your interview and knocked the hiring manager’s … Read more

GoJet ’em!

It was another exciting recruitment day here at The Travel Academy. Today we were visited by the good people from GoJet Airlines. Once again, both the recruiters and the students were happy to meet one another. After listening to an informative presentation about GoJet’s background and policies, students were called in for individual interviews with … Read more

Some Like it Hotline

Yesterday we learned a little about the over-abundance of job information online and the frustration in can cause job seekers. Luckily we also learned that there are helpful sites that sift through all of the garbage and give you nothing but excellent and promising employment leads. One of these sites belongs to The Travel Academy … Read more

Caribbean Day in a Blizzard!

Travel Academy student and staff held their very own Caribbean Day potluck party on Friday, February 21st- which also happened to be one of the snowiest days this winter (so far). However, that certainly didn’t stop the festivities. Many students brought dishes and food to share- some home-cooked and others store-bought, and all of them … Read more

Put Some Sparkle in Your Shine

Not to belabor the obvious, but there is a lot that goes into making a successful person. Not only do people need to be in control of their inner mental processes, but they also must know how to effectively present themselves to the outside world. Nowhere is this truth more evident than within the role … Read more

No More Weak Links

Travel Academy students were given a lesson about LinkedIn (a professional social networking platform) today during Miss Julie’s career development class. During the lesson, they heard about the importance of having a sharp, clean, and professional LinkedIn profile, and then some. Students saw the profile creation process- the very nitty-gritty of transferring pictures, editing functions, … Read more

Sailing as Managers

Congratulations to Paige M, and Annalea M. They have become the newest managers to sail the intercostal waterways of the United States with American Cruise Lines. Annalea accepted a Cruise Director position and will be managing shore excursions (and participating in them) as well as onboard entertainment. Paige accepted a Food & Beverage Manager position and will be overseeing … Read more