Cruise Ship School Destinations!

Miss Sheila’s cruise ship school shows you some of the hottest cruise destinations in the world!  ♦♦ Summer has come to an end in Minnesota, and we are enjoying a beautiful Autumn.  It may seem strange to think of next summer, but if you are planning an Alaska Cruise, this is a great time to … Read more

Cruise Ship School- Caribbean Cruise!

Miss Cynthia’s cruise ship school includes a “carnival” view of the Caribbean Sea! Enjoy! ♦  ♦  ♦ The Caribbean is a sea of cultures, its people as diverse as the world itself. Their languages include English, France, Spanish and Dutch – yet it is a Creole dialect, based on French vocabulary and African grammar, that is used … Read more

Cruise Ship School Tips for First-Time Cruisers- Part IV

Check out part IV of Miss Cindy’s “Cruise Ship School Tips for First-Time Cruisers”! ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ Let’s continue with information on tipping. After experiencing the service on a ship, you will definitely want to tip the wonderful staff! The following people are tipped –     Cabin steward/stewardess     Servers     Assistant servers … Read more

Cruise Ship School- All Aboard, All Hired!

Featured Video: This week was another remarkable one for Travel Academy students starting new travel careers. One of The Travel Academy’s hiring partners, Norwegian Cruise Line, hired no fewer than 27 students out of the 27 that applied! Both Norwegian Cruise Line and The Travel Academy embrace digital technology, and the interviews were held via … Read more

Cruise Ship Jobs? Climb Aboard!

It is always great to feature students’ success in the travel industry. Last week, we received the great news that one of our former students Lindy had been hired by Oceania Cruises as a cruise manager! She was kind enough to give the details and say some kind words. Enjoy! “Attending The Travel Academy was … Read more