Flight Attendant School- Go Exit Row!

Miss Deanna’s flight attendant school shows you that exit rows aren’t just about the extra leg room!


When booking a flight, you will often select a seat assignment. Typically an additional charge will be added for an emergency exit row seat due to extra leg room. Though desirable, it is important to be aware that this additional space comes with significant responsibility. You need to be aware of what you are really paying for.

Once aboard the aircraft after stowing your carry-on luggage in the upper head compartment a smiling flight attendant will approach you for an emergency exit row briefing. You will be asked “are you aware that you are seated in an emergency exit row?” The flight attendant will then request you to read the safety information card located in the seat back pocket in front of you. Listed here are diagrams and safety information. Detailed instructions include opening of window exit. Assisting fellow passengers if necessary along with procedures to follow in event an emergency evacuation of the aircraft is immanent. This is your opportunity to analyze your duties if something really happened with possible images of Captain Sully’s landing on the Hudson River play through your imagination.

The flight attendant will return and ask, “Are you willing and able to assist with the operation of the exit in the unlikely event of an emergency?” You may remain in the exit row seat as long as you provide a verbal response “yes” and meet the following requirements:

  • Be 15 years of age or older
  • Ability to speak and understand English
  • No physical impairments or pregnancy
  • No relatives are allowed next to each other in the exit row

If there were to be a planned emergency drill on your itinerary, the flight attendant will instruct you with an emergency briefing explaining detailed directions for each seat occupant in the event of an emergency. The window seat person would open the exit and throw it out and forward. Then he/she would yell a command to proceed with evacuation flow. The person occupying the middle seat would exit the window first, proceed down the rope or slide then call, and motion the other passengers toward them. Duties for the exit row aisle seat require you to assist passengers onto the wing.

Still want that extra leg room and willing to help? Great! Please sit in the emergency exit row!