Cruise Ship School Destinations!

Miss Sheila’s cruise ship school shows you some of the hottest cruise destinations in the world! 


Summer has come to an end in Minnesota, and we are enjoying a beautiful Autumn.  It may seem strange to think of next summer, but if you are planning an Alaska Cruise, this is a great time to book your trip. Right now, my students are learning about making cruise recommendations to clients.

More specifically, students are learning about Alaska and Alaska Cruises. Some ports of call may include Ketchikan, where you can see original totem poles. Want to learn about the Alaska Gold Rush? A port stop in Skagway will feel like a step back in time to the Gold Rush days. Students are also learning about the wild beauty of Alaska and the many travelers who want to visit there.

We have also learned about the Hawaiian Islands, such as the differences between the islands and recommendations for clients who wish to travel there. Students have learned how a cruise would be a great option for some clients, and a land tour for others. There are so many sites to see in Hawaii, from the volcanoes on the Big Island to the Fern Grotto on Kauai. There is something for everyone on Hawaii!

We will soon be studying the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. We are looking forward to learning about those areas and being able to make cruise and/or tour recommendations.  We have also started learning the Sabre reservation system. Sabre is used by airlines and travel agencies to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals and more. It requires knowledge of airport codes, which the students continue to be tested on. Sabre is format entries, not point and click, or fill in boxes like other internet booking sites. It can be frustrating learning at first, but will ensure professional versatility- which is very important when looking for a job!

We are already four weeks into this course, and students have learned a lot of new terminology, hands on training, as well as, honing resume and job search techniques. We will have more to come as we move further in the course.